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Why do these new A.D.P. –V.V groups of prayer exist (the "Allies" of the Little Friars and Nuns of Jesus and Mary)? The answer is below, after the poster...





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Drawing from what our founder said in a radio interview in Rome (with Radio Mater): These new ADP-VV groups of prayer "are partly inspired by Saint Francis of Assisi. When many lay people, seeing that his lifestyle followed the Gospel so closely, asked him (as today they also ask me and my brothers and sisters), 'How can we also live your lifestyle today, since it is so poor and so difficult?', St. Francis responded, Don’t worry, there is also a place for you!' He was inspired to create the Third Order of the Franciscans, where many laypeople who were fascinated by his lifestyle could share in this marvelous spirituality and closely follow the Gospel. In a similar way, through the requests of many families and individuals, our Lady helped me (along with the brothers and sisters) understand that we needed to make it possible for other people to join us in our lifestyle. We all prayed together to understand concretely what was to be done...and began to answer to this need presented to us by the Spirit. We started with the first interested group of Prayer, and since then the groups of prayer have been a continual explosion of grace. In a few years we have gone from absolute zero to having innumerable groups of prayer all over Italy and elsewhere...all inscribed (cf. Enrollment form below) and promising to try to go regularly to the Sacraments (especially to Holy Confession and to receive Holy Communion on Sundays). They also try to pray the Meditated Holy Rosary once a week in their group, and to do good works whenever possible (which includes helping us in our great work of Evangelization…)."


Above all, they must persevere in their prayer that the Lord may send us many workers to care for the many and abundant fruits by which we recognize the good tree (cf. Luke 6:44), because the harvest is growing even more abundant, and the workers are always few! But we give thanks to Heaven for those that there are (the friars and nuns who are totally consecrated to the Lord). They are beautiful and young, as  Holy Scripture says: "Certainly children are a gift from God, the fruit of the womb, a grace. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children born in one’s youth" (Ps 127:3-4), because by the witness of their young lives they pierce straight to the heart, acting purely on the Gospel (by which they want to reach Holiness at any cost – cf. 1 Thess. 4:3a), touching the hearts of all...even, sometimes, the hardest -  especially through the weapon of Prayer that Our Lady of Fatima has given to all those who are children in spirit: "Do you want to offer Prayers and Sacrifices for the conversion of sinners? Look, many souls go to hell because there is no one who sacrifices themselves and intercedes for them!..." (cf. Fatima 19th August 1917).

 Regarding our A.D.P.-V.V. prayer groups, a part of the VV Rule says this:


    "Regarding all those who, moved by the Spirit, would (in one way or another)… like to be part of our  V.V. Prayer groups called 'THE ALLIES OF THE LITTLE ONES'…: they should first understand how the existing groups function. Then, if their insistence or interest for the Prayer is seen, they should fill out, in simplicity and complete freedom, the form (found here), where in a few words we will explain everything in regards to the organization of the local groups, and even more importantly, the simple promises to make to Mary, Mother of Jesus, for the Greater Glory of God and the Salvation of the Most Souls Possible - for this is the Aim and the Eternal Crown of our Faith" (cf. 1 Pt. 1:9). Amen!



          In order to create a new group of prayer, or for more information, write one of the

          spiritual assistants (friars and nuns) or lay adp-vv leaders using the following contact information:





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