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These are some of the little works of our Groups of Prayer who collaborate with us, little works which are a sign of the great help that our Allies offer us, not only in a material sense, but above all in a spiritual sense: these Allies of the Little Ones with whom we are trying to carry ahead, every day and all the more, a work of Evangelization at a great range ( through the Prayer of the Meditated Holy Rosary), for the Salvation of souls ( Cf. Message of Fatima 19.08.1917 ) : which, as St. Peter explains, is the aim of our Faith! 

THE LARGE PENNANTS made out of wood for the Prayer …

Ricki durante la preparazione dei gagliardetti in legno ADP-VV.JPG

Icona per la preghiera 2.JPG

Icona per la preghiera 4.JPG

      This is the large pennant that all our Groups of Prayer ADP-V.V. have out during the recitation of the Meditated Holy Rosary, with a candle lit before it so that, looking at the faces of Jesus and Mary, their faces may become all the more radiant ( Cf. Ps 33, 6 ), to remind us during the Prayer of the Holy Rosary…, that we too (in a certain way) must be like a beautiful candle that consumes of itself to the very end, in order to illuminate whoever wants to see what there be to be seen !... Because if a candle  does not consume of itself, it is true that it always remains beautiful, but it is also true that it will never give light to anyone. The woman you see below has not only gone from being one of our Allies to being a Little Nun, but now consumes of herself all day long -  and, as far as I'm concerned, makes lots and lots of light !... (Cf. Historical V.V. Album at No. 10).

Icona per la preghiera 5.JPG


THE GREEN ROSARY BEADS, for the Little V.V.s and the Allies of the Little V.V.s

Compa-Franco mentre prepara le croci per i Rosari verdi ADP-VV.JPG

Fra Volantino insieme a Compa-Franco durante la preparazione dei Rosari verdi ADP-VV.JPG


 BRACLETS OF SACKCLOTH, for the Lay ADP-V.V. Responsables

Angela con i Braccialetti di Sacco per i Resp. Laici ADP-VV.JPG


 SANDALS for the Little Friars and Sisters of Jesus and Mary…

Sandali 1.JPG

Sandali 2.JPG


THE HABITS for the Little Friars and Sisters of Jesus and Mary…

Saio 1.JPG


THE MUSICAL "TEACHERS" of another special Ally of the Little Friars and Sisters of Jesus and Mary…

Saio 2.JPG

I Piccoli VV insieme agli alleati ADP-VV nella preparazione delle copie del I° CD di canti di Fra Volantino.JPG


THE RosarY BEADS for the HABITS of the Little Friars and Sisters of Jesus and Mary

Rosario 1.JPG

Rosario 2.JPG


THE WEBSITE A.D.P.- for you to download the “awakening” information an the Little Friars and Sisters V.V.


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