Our sustenance according to the CANONICALLY-APPROVED STATUTE of our community... 

Our sustenance, according to the ONLUS STATUTE of our Groups of Prayer ADP-VV...[work in progress]





Our sustenance - of total providence - comes about in these three ways:

1) First of all, through begging: or rather, by directly asking "for the love of Jesus" the kinds of basic necessities that we need (not money). To tell the truth, many times we do not even need to go around begging, because we find a bag (etc.) in front of the door of the convent which someone with a good heart has spontaneously come to bring us. Often, the providence is so great that we can't even finish it ourselves, but must go share it with other poor people.


2) In certain cases, when the providence is not sufficient, support comes to us from our Marian Groups of Prayer ADP-VV, who in the third point of their registration forms promise the effort to help us, as far as possible, in our works of Evangelization; always keeping in mind, however, that neither our community nor the individual members of the Little Friars and Little Nuns  may ever possess anything of their own; they may only accept various donations for their work and sustenance, excluding money. 


3) Some of our Friars and Nuns teach in schools and Institutes of Religious Studies, but renounce the entire stipend in order to give it to a non-profit organization (ONLUS) which helps the poor, including us, when (in certain cases) we should happen to need it.



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