Our sustenance, according to the ONLUS STATUTE of our Groups of Prayer ADP-VV...[work in progress]


 Our sustenance according to the canonically- approved statute of our community...


 2,6 REGARDING ORDINARY SUSTENANCE: the brothers and sisters will always live in total dependence on providence - following the example of Jesus, who was helped by the pious women (cf. Luke 8:1-3), and the exhortation not to be anxious about anything: given that, as He Himself says, the laborer - who announces the Kingdom of God in poverty - deserves his keep! (cf. Matt 10:7-10)

3,15  FROM THE MATERIAL POINT OF VIEW, keeping in mind that neither the Community nor the individual members associated with it may ever possess anything, the aims mentioned above will be achieved (among other ways) through the charity of faithful benefactors. The Community can accept donations (only) of basic commodities, while the Groups of Prayer will provide, in exceptional cases, for other needs (as is explained at Ch. 8,2-4 of the present Statute and at article 3,2-3 of their ADP-VV statute). 


It should also be kept in mind that the loans mentioned above may only be accepted for our work and sustenance, excluding money (cf. Ch. 8,2-4).  

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