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This is how our Parochial Missions come about: 



3,7 Once we have received the permission of the Bishop in the diocese in which we reside and the blessing of the Bishop in whose diocese we must carry out the mission, established arrangements with the Priest of the parish who has requested the mission, and arrived at the established date, the missions are initiated as follows: according to the Spirit, the members spontaneously go out and about determined streets (of the diocese or parish) where posters are affixed in shops, pubs, supermarkets, hospitals, schools, etc., always with the aim of evangelizing (within and without the walls of the Church) and of directing souls to the Sacraments with greater ease, even from places where Jesus is rarely spoken of.

3,8 When Priests, professors, headmasters of schools of different levels, presidents of various associations or groups and movements, etc. ask us to give our witness about the reason for our radical and personal choice of the little friars and little nuns, we try as far as possible to please them. All this is on the Petrine example that exhorts us to always be ready to answer whoever asks us for the reason for the hope that is within us (cf. 1 Pet. 3:15).

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