The reason for this new community is that : "Today the whole world - or at least a great many people - need to concretely see, in addition to those really poor in spirit, also those really materially poor in the Church: because, no longer understanding the gracious mystery of its glorious richness, they accuse it instead of esteeming it!, and ... - as we all know - they also unjustly accuse the Ministers that represent it. Thus, many who listen to these things without understanding, distance themselves from the Church rather than drawing closer to it. It was precisely in order to avoid this that an Archbishop of Calabria said : “Jesus invites us to go two by two 'without bread, or sack, or money…not wearing two tunics' (cf. Luke 9:3). The poverty is the measure of Faith because it reveals how much we depend on God and how much we rely on our own securities. It is this testimony of “springtime beauty” that the people need; to see, to hear and to touch with their hands what we have seen (cf. 1 Jn 1:1).” (cf. Atti CS)     

    For this reason, we have felt the need to become (also) materially poor (in addition to the fact that this is our calling and a matter of justice): so that those who are confused on this matter of the so-called rich Church - no longer being able to point the finger at us, since we are extremely poor - may finally stop and  listen to the demonstrated truth (this is more or less how we defend our Holy Mother Catholic Church), particularly the simple response to why Jesus was poor while now the Church is ( rightly ) Rich, given that it is written: "Many...were selling land or houses, and bringing the proceeds… to the feet of the Apostles, to be distributed to each person according to the need" (Acts 4:32 – 35), and also : "Majesty and beauty are before Him, strength and splendor are in his sanctuary" (Ps 95:6). So, in fact, very many, having  understood this, begin to return to their esteem for their Mother Church and for her Ministers, thus returning to Holy Confession and to Holy Communion, and therefore concretely to the way towards the Blessed Eternal Life. Amen !  



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To those who have asked our initiator why he founded this new community rather than entering a similar one, given that there were already so many, he has answered more than once with the words of St. Francis of Assisi:


    "Brothers, my brothers, God has called me to walk in the way of simplicity, and he has shown it to me. Therefore, I don't want you to name other rules to me, neither that of St. Augustine, nor that of St. Bernard or St. Benedict. The Lord has revealed to me that it is his Will that I be crazy in the world… " - F.S. 1673 - ( in order to be able to live the whole Gospel in simplicity, with my deeds and in the Truth ! ).  Amen !   

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