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CONTACT emails (of Friars and Nuns)

and telephone numbers (through our groups of prayer)



   poorfriarsvocations@gmail.com    (general emails in English)
   In an urgent case, you can call our lay Allies:
   - Tressa H.  (President of the Allies of the Little Ones in the USA)  (001) 985 870 5314 

Our mission (that is, our work) is to announce Christ's Death and Resurrection to the world through poor Living Flyers: that is, through a luminous Example of Life! (Cf. John 13:15). Would you help us to do this with your life? Jesus says:  “No one has greater Love than this: to give his life for his friends” (John 15:13)! “The harvest is rich but the workers are few” (Cf. Luke 10:2) and the world is large to travel around; would you like to travel with us in providence (cf. Mark 6:7-13), announcing the Savior to the world - first with your life and then with your words? Write - the Prize is GREAT (cf. Matt 19:21. 27-30)! Think about it … Now is the time to act!


   P.S. If you have questions, we are always ready to help – FREELY ! – in the hope that we can please everyone! But please be patient; unforeseen events come up, and the harvest is great but the workers are few...  


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