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6,12 This period of formation, as well - which may not be undertaken without the consent of the competent Superiors - will be completed in the appropriate houses, under the responsibility of the appropriate formators (cf. Ch. 6,4-5; CIC 630).


6,13 For a more profound intellectual formation, the Little Friars and Little Nuns may study in a pontifical university or an institute affiliated with it (cf. OT 18), or in an institute of religious studies (cf. PC 18), or in other schools of humanistic character, according to the character of the community, personal inclination, and the concrete situation of the community. The candidates to priesthood must follow the formational procedure established by the Code of Canon Law and  other documents given by the Holy See and the Episcopal Conference.


6,14 If any of the friars or nuns, in order to offer a more qualified service of evangelization, should with to continue their formative studies up to the completion of a licentiate or a doctorate, they must have the permission of the Servant General or one of his delegates. One must not neglect, however, what St. Francis of Assisi said to St. Anthony of Padua (the first formator of his friars): "I am happy that you teach sacred theology to the friars, provided that in this occupation you don't extinguish the spirit of prayer and devotion as written in the Rule."

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